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2015-2016 LED Lighting Catalog

LED Lighting Catalog 2015-2016

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Don Barry:
"I have used Power and Control for my Electrical needs for over 25 years. I have had exceptional service backed with great pricing. The reason for sending a testimonial today is that when I contacted Glenn at Power and Control about a lumber stacker issue I was having, he suggested a new V1000 Yaskawa VFD with heavy duty dynamic braking to replace the old mag starter and mechanical brake. Not only did he come to the jobsite to help with with the wiring but he tuned the VFD to perfection in just m..." More
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Power And Control, Inc. is an Industrial Electrical Wholesaler. We are not however, just a sales company. We also provide 24/7 technical support for our Variable Frequency Drives, Soft Starts, Motors, Transformers and other equipment we provide. Some of our major lines are Yaskawa Variable Frequency Drives, SAF Opal Soft Starts, Leeson and Lincoln Motors, Federal Pacific Transformers, ABB Transformers, Saginaw Electrical Enclosures, and much more. See our line card HERE.


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Yaskawa Variable Frequency Drives

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